I briefly played the game on a friends computer in the nineties. Sometime around 2003/2004 I started collecting all sorts of virtual pets like Tamagotchis and Micro Pets and so naturally I started looking at what virtual pets were on offer for the PC and came across the old Petz series again.
I only had Catz 5 at first as I'm very much a cat person in real life and Dogz didn't interest me at the time.
Some time later I found out about the Petz 4 demo and adopted a little Dachshund, named him Orinoco and fell in love. I ended up buying Dogz 5 straight away and then Petz 4 a little while later so I have crews on both games.

I visited a few Petz sites in those early days and downloaded breeds, playscenes etc. but I didn't join the Petz Community until summer 2010 and since then my crew has grown a lot from the small handful of petz I had but I have tried not to go too mad with the adopting. (famous last words.)
I'm mainly curious about some of the breed personalities that I've never played with and of course sometimes you see a pet and just fall in love.

~ ~ ~ ~

Hobbies: Video games, computers, ukulele, drawing.
Favourite colour: Orange.
Favourite food: Mango and sushi.
Favourite shows: Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: TNG, Dexter, The Simpsons.

Here are my real life pets.

Isn't he handsome. :)

She is very vocal and a bit of a nutcase but we love her.