Name: Dale
D.O.B: 25th May 2011
Hexed by: Midnightwolf
Other info:
I won Dale in a competition over at PCG where you had to write a poem about bananas. My poem is pretty terrible but I basically won by default which worked out well for me so I'm not complaining. :P

Here for prosperity is my poem.

Oh banana, banana. Banana see,
So many ways that I can eat thee.
Sliced up on breakfast.
Pealed easy for brunch.
Goes lovely with custard.
Dipped in yogurt for lunch.

Oh banana, banana. Banana see
How wonderful, beautiful you are to me.
Your peel makes entertainment
As you make people slide.
The peel buffs my sofa
And works up the shine.
Use some as a face pack.
Squish it up to make goo.
Could it perhaps even frangrance the loo?

Oh banana, banana. Banana see,
I must stop my song.
It's bananas for tea.